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About us

Our company has been established to offer a exciting selection of new products, well maintained with the highest levels of support and customer care that are essential parts of tour way of doing things.

Our Mission

To create enduring bonds with you, our customers, by providing the best value products and giving you the best purchase experience of your life. Our promise is to create a lifetime relationship so you can meet your fitness goals and have a friend to turn to if you ever need any help.

Expert Advice:

Unlike some of our competitors we do not aim to push one brand over another in order to maximize our margins. We are in the privileged position of having all the major fitness brands available to us. Because we have lots of options available to us, it means we are in a great position to offer you, the customer, the best, impartial advice.

Customer in Mind

We have designed this section and developed our strategy and policy with one thing in mind: you. We sat down and discussed what makes a perfect purchase — the things we would like to see companies we buy from offering us. The above is what we came up with. We hope you will give us the chance to prove it.


Excellent Customer Service

Based on our feedback surveys we’ve scored 10 out of 10. This means prompt answers to all your queries and an even faster response for any problems.


-Because of our business model, we do not have high paid executives with huge salaries. Our organization structure is flat. We don’t believe in managers; we believe in leaders.
-Because of our payment policy. Only Bitcoin payments.
-Because we pay our bills, our vendors give us the best deals because we pay our bills on time. We often get discounts for paying our bills in advance to get prepayment discounts.
-Because we Have No Debt, this means we don’t pay high-interest charges. We don’t believe in borrowing money, a philosophy engrained in us by our founder. We don’t add the cost of borrowing capital into our prices.

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