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The stylish M400 Prince massage chair offers uniquely awesome features that will best suit your massaging needs. It has two preset programmes, offering up to five types of back massage as well as neck, shoulder and back roll massage. The vibration from the seat helps in the buttocks massage while air bags are used for leg massage. This massage chair is customizable with a massage selection for a back zone with a massage selection spot having been provided. For the M400 Prince, the massage centre control is the LCD Backlit in blue with and independent electrical adjustment of back and leg inclination. This massage chair also has micro regulations con mobile wheels as well as a smart regulation of leg length through a self-adjustable foot massage, this being manual. This synthetic leather massage chair can be used as a chair with adjustable legs and back. Its upright position dimensions being, 135 x 75 x 118 cm(LxWxH) while the lie-down position dimensions are 204 x 75 x 75(LxWxH). The M400 Prince massage chair has a net weight of 65kg and comes with a two year warranty for the parts and labour.

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With the M400 Prince you are bound to benefit from the different types of massage that can be realised with it. The massage types are the kneading massage, tapping massage, wavelet dual-action, the Swedish massage and the Shiatsu massage. The kneading machine is a circular massage which efficiently relaxes the whole back, strengthing the musces and easing the tension away. This can be perfect for stress relief and boosting of ones self esteem. The tapping massage is a gentle and pleasant massage where skilled, agile hands tap along the length of the back which helps to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body. With the Wavelet dual-action you get to benefit from a novel combination of the tapping and kneading massage, a function that multiplies the benficial, stress relieving effects of both types of massage. An almost similar type of massage to the Wavelet dual-action is the Swedish massage which is a pleasant combination of light circular massaging with gentle tapping though it is not as vigorous as the former. You can also feel as if the finger of an expert masseuse is exploring your back, passing across its strategic points in acupuncture with the Shiatsu massage.

The other dazzling features that are included in the M400 Prince are the leg position settings, preset massages, user friendly control unit, rested legs, the electric back and leg settings as well as a personalised massage. With the leg position settings you simply have to lie back and forget about everything. Using the manual leg position adjustment system you can adjust the position of the foot massager to the length of your legs, so that you enjoy a massage adapted 100% to your own anthropometics. There are 3 preset programs, namely Air, Therapy and Relax that are guaranteed to transport you to a world of relaxation and new sensations.

The Prince massage chair is operated using a modern, user-friendly control panel with a blue backlit LCD screen. This device also applies a dual massage effect on your legs by using air pressure and vibration, which makes it an ideal complement to lymphatic drainage techniques. With the electric leg and back settings you have the choice of selecting the most comfortable position. You can position your legs and the back completely independently so as to enjoy that well-deserved massage. The M400 Prince conviniently provides for personalised massage. You only have to choose between the 5 manual massage modes, adjust the intensity level which are three and the treatment area, which can be either total, partial or spot. You can also position it both vertically and horizontally depending on the massage type. With the M400 Prince you can personalise the massage as per your needs and ensure that it reaches all the parts of your body.

Enjoy the new way to go about your massages using the M400 Prince Massage Chair from BH Fitness. It comes with a range of programs and it can be customized to best suit your needs with a host of other features. It is a perfect exercise companion with reach to almost all the body parts being ensured.

The BH Shiatsu M400 Prince massage chair offers five types of back massage:
Kneading massage – circular movements that efficiently relieve tension in the whole back and strengthen the muscles.
Tapping massage – very pleasant massage that feels as if gentle hands were tapping along the length of the back to increase the oxygen circulation in the body.
Wavelet dual-action – a combination of kneading and tapping, which multiplies their beneficial effects for even greater relaxation.
Swedish massage – a combination of light circular massaging and gentle tapping, similar to the wavelet dual-action, but less vigorous.
Shiatsu massage – passing across the strategic points in the back used in acupuncture.

Pre-set Programmes: 3 (Therapy, Air, Relax)
Back Massage: 5 types
User-defined Programmes: 5 (with 3 intensity levels and 3 options: total, partial or spot massage)
Neck, shoulder and back roll massage
Buttocks Massage (seat): Vibration
Leg Massage: Airbags
Massage selection for a back zone: Customizable
Massage selection spot
Massage control centre: Blue backlit LCD
Electrical adjustment of back and leg inclination: Independent
Micro regulations con mobile wheels
Manual regulation of leg length (self-adjustable foot massage)
Usable as chair with adjustable legs and back
Material: Synthetic leather
Dimensions (upright): Height=118cm (47”), Width=75cm (30”), Length=135cm (53”)
Dimensions (lie-down): Height=75cm (30”), Width=75cm (30”), Length=204cm (80”)
Product weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Warranty: 2 years parts and labour

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