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Concept2 MODEL D With Monitor PM5 Black


Echelon Smart Rower

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Concept2 Model E With Monitor PM5 Gray


The Model E offers presence and durability with its 20-inch frame height, nickel-plated chain, and double powder coat with a glossy finish. From a practical standpoint, the higher frame means easier on-and-off for those with tired knees or mobility considerations. The nickel-plated chain (also featured on the Model D) requires less-frequent oiling. The finish protects against scratches.

Aesthetically, the Model E is the luxury machine of the indoor rower world. Solid and sleek in light gray or black, the Model E will hold its own in a fitness center, your home gym, or the living area of your midtown loft. Best of all, it does all of this while providing the unparalleled full-body workout of our other indoor rowers.

If you’re familiar with our equipment, the Model E is everything you’ve come to expect in a Concept2 Indoor Rower and more. If you’re trying us for the first time, the Model E will satisfy even the most discriminating buyers.

The Model E is available in two colors: light gray or black.

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Full of features, easy to use:

We gather a lot of functions in PM5, but we also make sure it is easy to use. The monitor turns on and provides data as soon as the fan starts rotating, so you don’t have to press any button to start.
If you prefer to dive into all the functions that the monitor provides, the simple menu allows you to quickly access the default routines, save your favorite workouts, review the results of previous workouts, and much more. To see the full operation you can access the help from the screen of your PM5 (in the main menu, select Options> More information).

Data and Displays:
The PM5 provides distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts of each workout you do, and you can choose between five display options: all data, force curve, bar graph, enlarged view, and also the PaceSkier (a graph that it allows you to compete with a skier that sets the pace for you).
The backlit display of the PM5 offers greater visibility. It lights automatically when the monitor is turned on and stays lit during your workout.

Wireless heart rate monitoring:
The PM5 uses ANT + wireless technology and Bluetooth Smart for heart rate monitoring. To use this function, you will need a chest belt that uses one of these transmission technologies. Keep in mind that the PM5 supports Bluetooth Smart, not Bluetooth, which is a different technology.

Compatible USB Memory:
The PM5 offers two means of storing performance data: the internal memory on the monitor itself and a USB memory (included). The USB memory stores your data and training preferences and makes your data portable. With our free Concept2 Utility software, you can upload your workouts to the Online LogBook or transfer all data to your Mac or PC.

Compatible only with FAT and FAT32 USB formats:
Energy generation
The PM5 carries two type D alkaline batteries (LR20). During training, the monitor receives power from the fan which will prolong the life of the battery.

Do you want your workouts to be more interesting? Check out the Performance Monitor games. In addition to offering variety, each game also has a more serious intention, such as helping to teach the consistency of rhythm and shoveling.
On those days that you need a little extra motivation or just want a break from your usual routine, choose between:

Fish Game:
The Fish Game teaches you how to modulate intensity. The objective of this game is to accumulate as many points as possible for the consumption of nutritious fish avoiding large and toothy beasts, which will send your score to the bottom of the ocean.

Darts reward consistency in the pace of play and power output. If you are learning how to maintain a constant speed and pace, or if you are working to feel comfortable in a new rhythm, Darts is an excellent tool for you.

Objective Training:
The Objective Training is similar to that of Darts in that the objective of the game is to hit as many targets as possible, maintaining a constant rhythm and time. Objective Training allows you to set your goals for rhythm and time. The Goal Training offers two game modes: Just Play and Advanced.

Biathlon combines two sports: normally Nordic skiing and target shooting. The races generally consist of three or five laps, with a shooting session (“range”) between each lap, having a penalty for each failed shot. Often, this penalty involves an additional 150 meters of skiing. You can use the Biathlon Game to ski alternating intervals with target shooting or some other activity.

The accuracy of the Performance Monitor makes it ideal for racing and racing. With a PM5, you can compete against your teammates or training rivals, whether they are in the same room or on another continent. The PM5 supports machine competitions with cables for competitions.

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