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Schumann 3D Platte Medical Vibration Platform


Schumann Platform
The Schumann Platform, originally called Schumann 3D Platte, is a therapeutic medical device constructed by German physicists based on the theory of the Schumann Resonance related to those described by prof. Otto Winfried Schumann, electromagnetic waves with a specific, harmonizing frequency occurring naturally between the Earth and the ionosphere. The Schumann platform combines sinusoidal, clockwise, three-dimensional and rhythmic vibrations with a Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz.

New therapeutic possibilities
in medicine and training methods
Rehabilitation at home
Strengthening exercises

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The Schumann 3D Medical Platte medical instrument is intended for the treatment and stimulation of the whole body: legs, arms and trunk. Gentle vibrations produced by the platform regulate the cardiovascular and nervous systems, strengthen muscles and bones, eliminate muscle and fascia blockages and tension, regulate metabolism,
improve mental and physical condition and strengthen central stabilization and coordination.
Versatile and multi-directional interaction with the body by the Schumann 3D Platte makes regeneration very fast and efficient. One short exercise on the device corresponds to the long-term training.
Schumann 3D Platte is the ideal and reliable partner in the preventative
care, rehabilitation and therapy, as well as in the field of sports and beauty.
This is a device for all who care about their health, particularly for those
who have little spare time. The device is safe and easy to use.

To facilitate the use of the Schumann platform, we provide our clients with additional equipment in the form of dedicated, profiled supports filled with comfortable, stable foam. The structure of the materials used and the specially selected shapes of these accessories support the proper performance of exercises and improve the transmission of vibrations to further parts of the body.

Device dimensions (without accessories): 78x16x38 cm
Machine weight: 17 kg
Load: 200 kg

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