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TechnoGym Excite Vario LED


The Excite Vario is one of Technogym’s newest innovations for elliptical cross trainers, providing an intense physical activity burning up to 200 calories in 20 minutes. Unlike a traditional fixed movement cross trainer, Vario offers the option to define your unique path or motion.
Allowing for three different movement options, you are able to seamlessly define your own unique path or motion without even stepping off of the machine. The three movements are step, elliptical, and vario. The step is much like how you would climb up and down stairs without the impact. The elliptical is performed by moving your legs in an orbital pattern like during a brisk walk. The Vario is similar to an athlete’s sprint consisting of long wide strides. Through all of these series of motions, you can put together a workout that feels natural yet provides your body with a new challenge every time.

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The Multifunctional Trainer TechnoGym Excite Vario LED is a unique professional machine that allows you to change the direction of your movement during the workout. This is made possible by the unique pulley system to which rods with pedals are attached. This system allows the machine to dynamically adapt to the user’s movement, thus ensuring an effective cardio workout; it does not matter if you choose to simulate regular walking or decide to go for longer strides. The machine can automatically adapt the stride length to an unreal 83cm, while the height of the stride can be adapted to up to 17cm.

The biomechanical design of this machine allows you to put yourself in the optimum position for an effective calorie-burning workout. The low pedals and handles make the Multifunctional Trainer TechnoGym Excite Vario LED suitable even for the less experienced users. Designed by TechnoGym, the unique mechanism makes sure the pedals do not get stuck at the beginning of the workout. The Multifunctional Trainer TechnoGym Excite Vario LED offers as many as 25 resistance modes, between which you can switch using the button on the outside of the handles or the easy-to-read LED display. Moreover, you can choose from as many as 11 programs, including 6 preset programs and a CPR program where the machine automatically adjusts the resistance to keep you in the preset heart rate zone.

Even though the Multifunctional Trainer TechnoGym Excite Vario LED allows you to exercise the entire body, you can choose to exercise just your legs. If you do not want to exercise your hands, grab the middle handles, or simply place your hands on the side rails, to increase your stability, and start pedaling. Its professional characteristics and wide range of uses make the Multifunctional Trainer TechnoGym Excite Vario LED suitable for any fitness center and/or gym. This machine is suitable for beginners, experienced athletes, users with limited mobility and those who have problems with their joints.

Key characteristics:

Professional trainer with a unique pulley system
Automatically adapts to user’s movement
Adjustable stride length/height
Side rails for a safe workout
Easy-to-read LED display
Biomechanical design

Technical description:
Resistance operation electronic
Number of resistance modes 25
Pedal spacing
Stride length 0 – 83cm
Number of modes 11
Preset programs 6
HRC program yes
Manual program yes
Heart rate monitor yes
HR belt receiver yes
Dimensions Height-170cm x width-73cm x length-194cm
Maximum user height No restrictions
Weight limit of 160kg
Weight 200kg
Brake system Electromagnetic
Power source 230V / 50 Hz
Commercial, club, home

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