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Technogym SkillRun TX 500


LifeSpan TR 5000-DT3C Desktop Tape Base POR + Console

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Technogym Skillmill


The unique Treadmill TechnoGym SkillMill Console is a top-class, non-motorized treadmill with a wide range of uses. Born from TechnoGym’s experience spanning two decades as an official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, the SkillMill makes your workout as effective as possible. With its 180kg weight and almost 2m lengths, the SkillMill Console is extremely sturdy. The large (168 x 48cm) running area does not consist of a one-piece belt, but rather of separate plates which create an unusual, but highly natural running area. You may also appreciate the dual handlebar which allows for both shoulder and palm pushes. The strap at the back makes it possible to simulate exercises based on pulling a heavy object. The strap features as many as 11 resistance modes, which are divided into the following categories: low, medium, high and no resistance. As a result, it allows you to perform exercises such as resistance pull, running, simulated uphill walking, pushing a weight forward and side running with leg switching. The water bottle and phone/tablet (up to 7.8cm wide) holders are a must.

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The Treadmill TechnoGym SkillMill Console features an easy-to-read display that allows you to follow all the important information, such as resistance mode, current speed, performance (watt), time, distance covered, and heart rate.

The ergonomic design of the Technogym SKILLMILL promotes the correct alignment of the ankles, knees, hips, and back, so athletes may maintain natural posture at all times and avoid joint and knee stress, regardless of their height and weight. Furthermore, SKILLMILL enables them to mimic walking/running uphill while preserving the correct biomechanics.

The MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ enables users to select different levels of the reactive resistance, from zero to max. By simply shifting the lever, athletes can quickly switch from resistance-free running to an all-out sled push. By adding resistance it increases oxygen consumption

The DUAL HANDLEBAR enables users of different body sizes to assume the correct position for performing high pushes and low pushes, maximizing muscle activation, and workout variety.

The presence of the integrated console, available on Console and Connect versions, ensures the tracking of data during training and their storage, through the Mywellness cloud platform. Highly intuitive and easy to read, the console measures watt, resistance level, time, speed, distance, and heart rate via Bluetooth® Smart.

Key Features of Technogym SKILLMILL:
Users access ready-made virtual training programs on a mobile website by scanning SKILLMILL’s QR code.
Users monitor vital parameters in real-time from the on-board console to improve safety and performance (with the console and connect model)
Additional accessory kits are available to purchase to allow for a variety of pulling and pushing exercises.
11 levels of magnetic resistance and unlimited speed.

Technical description:

A unique non-motorized treadmill designed in cooperation with top-class Olympians
Extremely sturdy structure
Plate running area
Dual handlebar
11 resistance modes (0 – no resistance, 1-3 low, 4-6 medium, 7-9 high, 10 max)
Unlimited max/min speed
Water bottle holder
Phone/tablet (up to 7.8cm wide) holder
Transportation wheels make it easy to move the treadmill
Strap at back for resistance-based exercises
User height: 150-210cm
Running area material: EPDM (ethylene propylene diene) rubber plates
Running area dimensions: 168 x 48cm
Treadmill Dimensions: length-190 x width-89 x height-154cm
Weight: 180kg
Weight limit: 180kg
Suitable for commercial, club, and home use

Simulated backward weight pull
Simulated weight push forward
Side running with leg switch

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