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Technogym SkillRun Unity 7000


SKILLRUN UNITY 7000 is the perfect tool to unleash athletic potential. It provides incredible insights on running efficiency thanks to the Advanced Biofeedback. Its precise sensors can detect the differences between the action of the left and right leg, exploring stride length and ground contact time while running or determining maximum power on SLED and PARACHUTE training.

Skillrun shatters all expectations of what a treadmill can be. It is the first piece of running equipment designed to meet the training requirements of elite athletes and demanding fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™, Skillrun users can combine cardio and power training in a single solution.

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Combining Parachute Training and Advanced Biofeedback, this version packs the most complete feature set for the ultimate athletic training.
Best for: athletic training

Features: Advanced Biofeedback, Parachute Kit, Routines, Sled, and Parachute training, Running against resistance, Skillrun Class UI, Bootcamp UI, TV, social media, Netflix, internet browsing.

Dimensions (LxWxH)
1850 x 870 x 1680 mm (73 x 34 x 66 in)
Length x Width x Height from workout position
Max user weight (kg | lbs) 220 Kg / 485 lbs
Ergonomic handlebar for easy access YES
Footrests width (each one) 14 cm (5.5 in)
Power requirement
200-240 Vac (“E” version); 90-240 Vac (“A” version);
One dedicated 16A socket for each machine
Speed range (at any main supply) 0.2-30 km/h (0.1-18.6 mph)
Incline range -3% / +25%
Multidrive Technology Run + Resistance
Maximum resistance
1700 watts @ 10.0 km/h (6.25 mph)
[Max. Resistance increases with speed]

All versions share the unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY (patent pending), allowing both cardio training and resistance workouts to enhance power. The interactive UNITY console allows users to access a completely customized workout experience, engaging and motivating them through digital content, personalized training programs, and data tracking.

All SKILLRUN models include features specifically designed for athletic and performance training such as:

• MAX SPEED 30 kmph – 18.6 Mph

• Incline ranging from +25% To -3%

• Biofeedback (patent pending) the exclusive interactive technology that tracks and monitors the main running parameters in real-time, providing feedback.

• Sled Training allows power training and can reproduce the feeling of pushing a sled on grass. Resistance is high at the start and decreases to a constant rate.

• Parachute Training (patent pending) reproduces the feeling of outdoor running with a parachute and lets users strengthen resistive power and top-end speed. Resistance is minimal at the start and increases as the user gains speed.

• ROUTINES provides three guided workouts – Cardio Fit, Strong Legs, Speed & Agility Drills – with video guidance and instruction to allow users to complete a great workout and utilize the different training modalities.

• SWIFT-PAD allows change of speed and gradient with just one touch thanks to dedicated buttons.

SKILLRUN 7000 and 5000 have the additional opportunity, using the SKILLRUN PROFESSIONAL APP, to organize engaging running classes by selecting an existing profile from the library and monitoring each member’s performance data and compliance to a class profile. For operators looking to create a zone or area SKILLRUN BOOTCAMP can be introduced, a dynamic format that combines cardio and power training in a high-intensity workout that also optimizes heart rate training with a wide variety of sled and parachute exercises, sprints, and acceleration and gradient changes.


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