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Titanium Strength Commercial Curved Teadmill


The treadmill is the cardio machine par excellence, that any professional gym includes among its equipment, but not all include a professional curved treadmill.

Here and now we introduce you to your next Titanium Strength Self Propelled Curved Treadmill.

This new innovative system works through self-propellation (not an engine) and has a design that stimulates a curve at the base. Thus, it allows a better stride with less impact and that has multiple advantages:

Burns 30% more calories than the conventional treadmill.
Low impact. The mechanical system of the curved mat provides great shock absorption, as well as being a smooth and silent system due to the fact that there is no friction or wear that occurs in the traditional treadmill.
It is an ideal cardio machine for HIIT training because it allows the change from sprint to fast walking (and vice versa).
Low maintenance cost and very high quality of the components ensure a long service life of the device.
Self-propelled treadmills do not need electricity to function, so in addition to saving costs in maintaining your gym, you will be doing your bit to protect the environment.

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These types of treadmills offer the athlete to work their maximum sprint and with its speed, it is similar to free running, so the changes on the rhythm will be much more practical and faster to the measure of your own resistance since the speed is set by you, not the engine. These are non-motorized treadmills, this generates the need to push each stride, this generates greater participation of the hamstrings.


The fact that the surface of these is concave helps us to start it, taking the first strides in the front area to facilitate movement. In addition, one of the main benefits is that allows a low impact of the foot on the surface through its new design, forcing the user to run correctly, improving typical running injuries.
Its design represents a change ins locomotion compared to the flat surface. They have force transducers in the mar that can evaluate force, speed, and power performance.
Its benefits do not end here, you will improve your running technique since it facilitates the entry of half a foot in the stride and helping to avoid the classic heel.
How to use it?

Start walking and gradually gain speed, like all workouts it is a matter of practice, which entails a period of adaptation, gradually increase your speed.
Just as we improve the technique in free running, we will do it with the curved belt, the position of our body and the muscles involved are practically the same as in free running, improving not only the lower body at muscular level; since we ourself move our own weight and not an engine, in addition, the resistance and oxygen volume will increase considerably, but so will the strength of the lower body due to the improvement of the anaerobic capacity.
The caloric expenditure will be 30% higher than if we train on a traditional treadmill since we generate the movement.

This machine is not a simple treadmill, but it will make you improve the power, resistance, and intensity of your workouts without leaving your house.
You will reach all your training goals!

As you can see, the differences are significant compared to traditional tapes. And something important, they do not generate electricity costs! And with this you collaborate with sustainability.

What are you waiting for to get the most of your race?

Console Data: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate.
Dimensions: 195cm (length) x 96cm (width) x 160cm (height)
Maximum User Weight: 180kg
About Titanium Strength:

Leading brand in the sale of equipment and machines for strength and cardio training.

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